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Command line interface | Graphical user interface | CLI vs GUI | GUI vs CLI | Urdu and Hindi

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Posted by Info Desk by Salman on Saturday, 26 December 2020

User Interface is used to describe how a user interact with a machine. An operating system of any computing machine is act an interface between user and machine. These interfaces are CLI  and GUI. GUI stands for Graphical user interface and CLI stands for command line interface.

Command Line Interface CLI

CLI use commands to perform computing task. User should have a good knowledge of commands. DOS & Linux operating systems are command based operating system

Graphical User Interface GUI

GUI offers graphics ( Icons and images ) to perform computing task. There is no need to remember any command while using a GUI. Window, Ubuntu and Mac are GUI.




Difference between CLI and GUI

We can compare CLI and GUI on the basis of different factors

  • User friendly: It is easy to use the GUI than CLI. A beginner can easily operate a computer using the GUI. CLI is complex due to multiple commands to perform different tasks.
  • Memory utilization: GUI requires more memory due to graphical components. CLI does not require more memory.
  • Multitasking: CLI do not offers multitasking but GUI is multitasking.
  • Speed: GUI is slow than CLI.
  • Flexibility: CLI remains same over time but GUI Structure and design can change.
  • Devices: CLI use keyboard only while GUI use keyboard along with mouse.


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